I haven’t written much about the new UK Libertarian Party, but I think they might face a small test. The much older Libertarian Alliance runs a blog, and recently this was posted on it:

“IF you prefer Ken or Boris as Mayor but want to cause a stir and wake up the political establishment give your first preferences to BNP and the 2nd preferences to Ken or Boris.

If you do the last option the media will scream blue murder and the politicians might notice. Doing the same tactic with any other party will go totally unnoticed!”

Since the BNP is the only major party in the UK (apart from LPUK of course) that behaves actually as if it’s listening to voters who are drowning, franchistically-speaking, in the tide of corporato-leftist-big-government, the last two short paras above may be for you. I don’t think the Libertarian Party of the UK is fielding a condidate this time, but I could hope so. I have always advocated the formation of a UK Libertarian Party as you all know.

I added the quote marks, because the initial part of the quote is itself a quote, from a posting at the Libertarian Alliance Yahoo Group.

Association with the BNP would be extremely damaging for this fledgling party, which I broadly support. Will they disassociate themselves from this post?

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