This news story from today:

Prof Mike Kelly, the public health director at Nice, added: “This isn’t about telling individuals to choose salad instead of chips — it’s about making sure that the chips we all enjoy occasionally are as healthy as possible.

“That means making further reductions in the salt, trans fats and saturated fats in the food we eat every day.”

Betty McBride, the director of policy and communications at the British Heart Foundation, said: “Creating an environment that makes healthy choices easy is vital. Government, the health service, industry and individuals must all play their part. We must see industry making major efforts now to reformulate products with less saturated fat.

“Cutting our ‘sat fat’ intake would have a major impact on heart disease.”

Prof Sir Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, added: “The Nice guidance demonstrates conclusively why we need to change radically our approach to this vast and silent killer.

And this comment, from a thread at Harry’s Place today:

I find it hard to justify the pay rises of about 10% per year, for the last 13 years. Is a GP really worth a cool quarter of a million?
Normally, if a profession is high paying, then more people train to do it, not the case in medicine. The number of doctors trained is controlled by the medical profession, making sure that not enough are trained. This means they are well paid and that we are forced to strip-mine the third world for medics.
On the subject of nurses, making it a graduate entry profession has cost a fortune and actually decreased the length of service time of the profession.

Hospitals are being built and you know, not a single hospital has been built to be cleaned. UK operating theaters still have tiles and cement grouting. These are very difficult to clean and cleaning has to be done manually. Theaters and the wall/floor meeting points of corridors could be made out of stainless steel, which would allow steam cleaning. Hospital furniture could be designed to survive a UV/ozoneolysis chamber, but they are not.
UK hospitals could be air conditioned to stop the spread of infections, as done in the US, but they are not.
All light switches could be touch free, but they are not.
You have more chance of catching a lethal infection in a British hospital than in any other location.
You have more chance of knowing if your MP is fucking his secretary than you have of knowing if your surgeon has a poor performance rating and a higher than average death rate. A bad surgeon in the UK will be allowed to work until he/she does a ’spectacular’ and can then be safely sacked for incompetence; without the hospital risking the BMA kicking the crap out of them.

Some body, some day, will eventually stand up to the BMA and the Quacks; bring pop-corn.

Nagging the working class remains the priority for the middle class Great and Good, however. Who said class warfare is dead?

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Has a strange effect. Leaves you with a smashed and broken face. Don’t click through if you are squeamish.

[Khaled Said] simply was sitting in a Cyber Cafe, when two policemen walked inside and demanded the ID’s of everyone who was sitting there. When he refused to give it to them, they grabbed him, tied him up, dragged him out of the Cafe, took him to a nearby building where for 20 minutes they beat him to death, smashing his head on the handrail of the staircase, while he screamed and begged for his life, and as people around watched helplessly, knowing that if they did something, they would be accused of assaulting a police officer, which would pretty much guarantee them a similar fate. This went on for 20 minutes. Think about that. You are beaten to death, by those who swore to protect you, while the people in your neighborhood watched silently, and as your pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. 28. Not yet married. Still having the rest of your life ahead of you. No More.

After the police discovered he died, they took the dead body to the Police station, where the Police Officer ordered them to throw it back on the street and call an ambulance, in order not to be held responsibly for him. When his brother- who had the american citizenship- found out, he went and confronted the head of the Police in his neighborhood, who told him that the story isn’t true, and that his brother was a known drug offender and that he died from asphyxiation, for swallowing a bag of drugs when the police caught him with it.

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I’m coming to this a bit late, but there has been some reporting and blog commentary recently about an apparently high level of conversions to Islam in UK jails. There’s nothing new about this. “Converting” to Islam has always been a scam for old lags – a quarter of a century ago, because prison kitchens didn’t handle Halal meat, it meant takeaway curries every night.

I said “old lags” because sceptical prison officers didn’t let people “convert” – prisoners had to have the experience to claim to be a Muslim on arrival. I’d bet the main difference now is that prisoners can “convert” at a later stage of their incarceration and get the benefits.

More of a problem seems to be the rise in gang culture in jails, but perhaps that’s just a reflection of the broader criminal social changes of the past couple of decades. Gangs are more common, period.

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