In New Orleans:

Students at St. Augustine’s High School in New Orleans are fighting to preserve a decades old tradition: using the paddle to discipline students.

St. Augustine’s, a private all male and predominately black Catholic school, is the only school in New Orleans that still practices corporal punishment. Supporters of the paddling say that the discipline has led black men to lead successful, productive lives. Many alumni of the school say the paddle kept them out of trouble in a city where drop out and crime rates run rampant in the black community.

I have sympathy for them. While there were casualties of corporal punishment in schools there were also beneficiaries. I’d count myself as one. Without that sanction, used on me twice during my school career, I’d have got into even more trouble than I subsequently did. A short shock is far better than a protracted descent into lawlessness.


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  • james

    I truly believe that everyone is and should be entitled to their own belief.. but to have a few try to make the masses submit to their standards and values is wrong.. i got spanked as a child, even got a few i didn’t deserve.. but i look back and realize that those spankings just made up for the times i didn’t get caught doing something i should have not been doing.. most just follow without thinking, saying yes this is right.. that is the most asinine way of thinking.. do some people committ crimes when told no, is it because they still not know any boundaries?? just remember.. Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one.