Your next computer but one will look a bit like this (I need to widen this template…):

That’s a smartphone in a dock.

Combine that idea with this research:

Apple share falls less quickly as Google operating system [Android] takes over – but Windows Phone has barely sold half of the 2m handsets shipped, say new figures

And it becomes less insane than you’d think to suggest that Microsoft is in the process of experiencing the fastest and deepest collapse of market share in history, wars and catastrophes aside.

See also esr’s analysis.

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  • Hey, if it cooks lunch as well… 😉

  • Ed Snack

    All very well, until you have to use that abortion of an unstable system called Android.

  • Peter Risdon

    That’s the abortion of an unstable system that has romped past Apple based mainly on word-of-mouth recommendations, not least for its stability, I assume.