Well, I’ve given it ten days but they still haven’t posted my comment.

Popular Technology is a very good blog, but they’ve got this one wrong:

Thanks to the dishonesty of Peter Risdon ripping off my own work, I was now being falsely accused of the same thing. To this day Peter has never updated his plagiarized post.

They’re talking about a list of papers sceptical of man-made global warming, which I re-published a few years ago. I got it from a blog called Pete’s Place, which I have no connection with despite the shared first name (the Pete who blogs there says he is a retired earth scientist, which I’m not).

I republished this list as part of a larger post to which it was relevant, but I did so with the proper attribution back to what I believed was the source, Pete’s Place. When I saw the attribution at Heartland, I posted again making it clear this was a false attribution. I also mailed the guy from Heartland asking him to correct the post there.

Popular Technology is annoyed they haven’t had the credit for this list. I agree, they should have. I tried to give the right attribution initially, issued a correction when I felt is was due and have updated both posts to show they originated the list, linking to the latest version at Pop Tech.

I assume they believe I’m the same guy who posts at Pete’s Place. I’m not. Since 2005 when I stopped posting as Freeborn John, I have never used any name online except Peter Risdon.

Popular Technology should publish my comment pointing this out – with links to my old posts – and correct their article. It’s ironic they haven’t done so yet, given their particular beef in this case.

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  • Good grief, what with this and the Guppy nonsense over at Worstall’s blog… :/

  • Peter Risdon

    I’m not worried about Guppy, though it might be fun to puncture a couple of his claims. PopTech are disappointing, though. They’re well aware now that they’ve got this one wrong but haven’t corrected their post.