But isn’t it the essence of feminism getting a job and buying your own damn pills? What, you need the patriarchy to meet your most basic needs for you, honey? Isn’t that kind of 1950-think?

While I’d like to see more equality with stuff like child custody, it’s such a relief there isn’t a masculinist movement dressing up as giant penises.


[Image from same link as source. She lets you steal her images. Go on, help yourself, they’re good.]

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  • Dom

    I hope democrats pay a price for showcasing Sandra Fluke like that. What kind of a bubble are you living in to think that stupid selfish little girl is worth listening to?

  • I would guess that any successful movement sooner or later comes to a point where it outgrows its purpose(s). Then comes bloating, loss of purpose, bureaucracy for its own sake, extremism etc – all the signs we can easily discern in the militant feminism of today.