A German job centre has apologised for an ‘oversight’ after ordering a young woman to work in a brothel.

According to a report in the local Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, Christine Hirmer, 19, received a letter from the German Labour Office in Augsburg suggesting she apply for a position at an establishment called the ‘Colosseum.’

That’s the opening of this Independent piece. What do you think she was being asked to do? Become a prostitute?

Nope. To be a barmaid. Brothels are legal in Germany, as are their bars.

It’s a grossly misleading headline start to the story. Brothels are legal. Brothels should be legal. At stake are the lives of the women who would otherwise be haunting street corners. This story is motivated by puritanism.


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  • Agreed. We see headlines like this all the time, it normally turns out the job in question was barmaid, receptionist, cleaning lady etc.

    All the low paid stuff in other words, not the well paid “positions” they were actually hoping for.

  • Don’t underestimate the ‘Foreigners are decadent & strange!’ aspect for most UK papers too…