Despite David Thompson’s very generous welcome back, I haven’t been posting as much as I would like. Much work, little time.

I’ll be posting, briefly, about this again soon, but I stopped blogging because I have a stalker, Darius Guppy. Nobody seems to know who he is any more, but at one time he was notorious, if only as a¬†villainous¬†friend of a famous person. It’s not very nice to be stalked, especially for people close to the subject who did nothing to deserve it – I did have a sordid involvement with this grubby little man more than twenty years ago so, to that extent, made my own bed. I made a promise in my private life not to mention Guppy in my posts and found, subsequently, that I couldn’t write at all. If something was off-limits, if I couldn’t be honest in one area, I didn’t want to do it at all.

Now Delerious (as he was nicknamed by the police who arrested him twenty-odd years ago) has issued a libel writ against me in South Africa. It’s an extraordinary thing. Of the three grounds, one involves comments made by someone else on someone else’s blog. Another is a matter of fair comment, the third concerns a conversation I had with Guppy in the Hilton Hotel on Bayswater Road, when he showed me some shipping documents. I suspect this latter is the main issue and find it hard to understand why he would make sure this episode reaches the largest possible audience.

But there we are: he is an idiot, after all, so I shouldn’t be surprised. The great thing is, I can blog again. After all, if silence doesn’t make him lose interest and wander off, there’s no point being silent. Instead, I’m reporting him to the police.

And work is getting under control, with some exciting product launches coming up later this month so I’ll have more time for posting.

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  • Oh, so that character still keeps popping up in your life. Persistent, one should give it to him. Like an armored crab (not of the category that populates the seas, I have to add, the other one).

  • Peter Risdon

    That’s a very apt analogy, Snoopy.

  • “The great thing is, I can blog again.”

    Amen! Good to see you back.

  • Peter Risdon

    Thanks, Julia.

  • Mac McCubbin

    Very nice to see you again Mr. Risdon. I must send Guppy a thank you note…

  • Simon

    I for one miss our chats so would be interested in seeing more posts from you as I stumbled upon your name via a news site today.

  • Peter Risdon

    Hello Simon – nice to hear from you. I’ll email.