Tim asks:

As a matter of mild interest, when does reality ever get a look in with these people?

It doesn’t.

Although it has attracted a small number of very bright people, Marxism is, in general, cleverness for stupid people. You get to use words like ‘hegemony’ and analyse the world, albeit in unusually fatuous terms.

This is why a Marxian-influenced writer like Richard Seymour can conclude, in the piece Tim was discussing, that Communist China’s military build up is because ‘In a very general sense, militarisation could be seen as an integral aspect of capitalism.’

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  • David Thompson

    Marxism is, in general, cleverness for stupid people.

    Marxoid thinking is essentially a self-flattering conceit for people who are both intellectually insecure and
    troubled by urges to control others. It’s a rhetorical fig leaf for vanity and sadism. The rest of us only find them absurd because we have ‘false consciousness’, of course. Our minds are not our own. Only they, our betters, have seen the light. And despite our heresies we can nonetheless be saved, provided we hand over our autonomy, and earnings, and do as they say. It’s the egalitarian way.

    You see, they care so very much.

  • ib1netmon

    Well, in a very general sense murdering millions is an integral aspect of communism.

  • David Gillies

    Hayek called it The Fatal Conceit and that, I think, is the best capsule summary of socialism. It is an incredibly conceited notion to think that the vagaries of human existence, the whole of society and the interactions between the billions of people it contains, can be boiled down to a few supposedly self-evident nostrums. The most remarkable thing is that people still cleave to socialism despite its never having been anything other than a disaster wherever it has been tried. If one or two socialist societies had run into the sand one might plausibly blame exogenous forces, but if it can’t be made to work in countries with abundant natural resources (Venezuela), a highly-educated workforce (East Germany), optimal agricultural conditions (Cuba) or a vast population base (Russia) then it’s time to try something different. If, no matter how you tweak the variables, your system ends up in poverty, misery and death then to keep trying is the epitome of conceitedness.

  • S&A

    Richard Seymour is a chimp, and thirty years ago ‘The Guardian’ would have rejected his drivel. The fact that he’s judged fit for CIF gives you a good idea as to what has happened to the left since then.

  • robert quinn

    “Only the Germans could make communism work” used to be a jest to explain East Germany being the only example of a country of the era that wasn’t a complete Marxist basket case.

  • David Gillies

    Anyone who said that wasn’t paying attention. I refute it thus: West Germany – Audi/BMW/Mercedes; East Germany – Trabant.