I haven’t been posting because I’ve been far too busy with work – which now includes lambing in the coldest March for 30 years. But I can’t let this pass without a brief comment.

Congratulations to The Speccie for a masterpiece of car crash journalism, in Darius Guppy’s defence of Boris Johnson. BoJo absolutely needed the “he’s a liar but hey, aren’t they all?” defence right now. I can’t remember anything causing more hilarity in social media.

But let me draw your attention to one short part of Delerious’s rant, one that refers to me:

A police informer planting listening devices in someone’s home – an offence for which he was arrested. He admitted guilt, only to sell the recordings to the press at a later stage.

This, from a man who is involved in a grotesque example of lawfare against me at the moment, libel trolling with a completely baseless, vexatious action in South Africa where the most important point in the dispute – the allegation he showed me shipping documents that he said were for the illegal export of armoured vehicles to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war – boils down to my word against his.

If you were involved in such a dispute and if you were already facing a counter-suit for libel, would you go out of your way to publish a paragraph of new libel against your opponent?

Would you publish a lie that not only isn’t true, but also can’t possibly be true?

You see, in 1990 and 1991, when I tapped Guppy’s phone, telephone tapping wasn’t illegal.

It wasn’t made illegal for the best part of a decade afterwards.

So of course I wasn’t arrested for it or for anything related to it. Of course I didn’t ‘admit guilt’; there was no crime to be guilty of.

And as for the ‘police informer’ bit, if I had given evidence against Guppy as an informant he’d be back in jail by now. Informants have very strong protection from harassment by the people they give evidence against. Instead, because I was just one of 60 odd witnesses, I have to spend money paying a criminal investigation consultancy to put together a detailed complaint of what is colloquially known as ‘stalking’ before Guppy can be arrested and jailed for his six year (and counting) campaign of on- and offline stalking against me.

The real reason for this dispute remains the same. Guppy framed me for robbing him in New York and I had no choice but to give evidence against him – as a witness not an informant. Here’s a video of me discussing the framing with Ray Berke, the detective who investigated the ‘robbery’ in New York. If you’re interested, there are a further two videos of discussion about the incident. You’ll be amazed, but it turns out Guppy wasn’t the Master Criminal he’s made out, and the police saw through him.


More to follow when I have a bit more time.


UPDATE: Well I’ll be jiggered! It was illegal. Guppy’s still lying, of course – he knows quite well I wasn’t arrested – but I’m posting this to correct the claim the tap wasn’t illegal.

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Despite David Thompson’s very generous welcome back, I haven’t been posting as much as I would like. Much work, little time.

I’ll be posting, briefly, about this again soon, but I stopped blogging because I have a stalker, Darius Guppy. Nobody seems to know who he is any more, but at one time he was notorious, if only as a villainous friend of a famous person. It’s not very nice to be stalked, especially for people close to the subject who did nothing to deserve it – I did have a sordid involvement with this grubby little man more than twenty years ago so, to that extent, made my own bed. I made a promise in my private life not to mention Guppy in my posts and found, subsequently, that I couldn’t write at all. If something was off-limits, if I couldn’t be honest in one area, I didn’t want to do it at all.

Now Delerious (as he was nicknamed by the police who arrested him twenty-odd years ago) has issued a libel writ against me in South Africa. It’s an extraordinary thing. Of the three grounds, one involves comments made by someone else on someone else’s blog. Another is a matter of fair comment, the third concerns a conversation I had with Guppy in the Hilton Hotel on Bayswater Road, when he showed me some shipping documents. I suspect this latter is the main issue and find it hard to understand why he would make sure this episode reaches the largest possible audience.

But there we are: he is an idiot, after all, so I shouldn’t be surprised. The great thing is, I can blog again. After all, if silence doesn’t make him lose interest and wander off, there’s no point being silent. Instead, I’m reporting him to the police.

And work is getting under control, with some exciting product launches coming up later this month so I’ll have more time for posting.

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Congrats to David Osler on his victory; I hope Alex Hilton has the same outcome. The judgement is online. Here’s an interesting bit – on circumstances in which a libel action can be struck out as an abuse of process:

21. In Jameel, the Court of Appeal addressed abuse of process in the context of defamation in the following passages:

“40. We accept that in the rare case where a claimant brings an action for defamation in circumstances where his reputation has suffered no or minimal actual damage, this may constitute an interference with freedom of expression that is not necessary for the protection of the claimant’s reputation. In such circumstances the appropriate remedy for the defendant may well be to … seek to strike out the action as an abuse of process…”

For one reason or another, I find that fascinating.

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